Welcome to Baltimore Car Rental! We offer rental cars for all purposes from a trip to waiting until your car in our repair shop is fixed. If you're new to the area, you might want to rent a car until you can afford to purchase one of our used cars. Whatever your need, you have come to the right car rental facility. Baltimore Car Rental is there for you!


At Baltimore Car Rental, we remember that renting a car can be a difficult task. We do everything we can to ease our customer's burdens. We ask the right questions to fit the vehicle to the needs of our customers. Baltimore Car Rental puts our customers first.


Our rental car associates will find the rental car right for you from the basic economic to the ultimate in luxury. We can provide any car brand desired from Acura to General Motors vehicles. We offer economy cars, mid-size cars and vans. We will address your rental car needs without delay. If you want a particular car because you are used to driving that kind of car, Baltimore Car Rental will do everything it can to address your needs and get the car you want. We'll provide you with all the information on the car you choose prior to signing the agreement.


We know that you don't know what company to choose. We know that not all rental car companies care about their customers. We know some are interested in renting the car and improving their bottom line. Not us. We are known throughout Baltimore for how much we care about our customers and their rental car desires. We offer superior cars, integrity and honesty when dealing with you the customer. We take care with each customer and their rental vehicle as if we were renting to our families. Our customers don't have to worry about the service they receive from us.


Baltimore Car Rental associates will walk you through the rental car process. Once you qualify for a rental, a rental agreement will be presented to you. This is the legally binding contract that you agree to accept when renting from us. The content varies depending on your rental dates and type of car you choose. For the most part, you are free to take the car wherever you like, but Baltimore Car Rental has placed some restrictions on your travel, which is listed in the agreement.


If you want to rent a car from a company that promises high-quality and high-integrity, Baltimore Car Rental, is ready to answer your call. We're here to find your vehicles and keep you informed throughout the process.